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Imagine if you could make a difference to the treatment of coeliac disease!

Coeliac disease is a systemic autoimmune disease, where the body’s tolerance to gluten has been lost. People with coeliac disease have to strictly avoid gluten in their diet, as even the smallest amount of gluten can cause damage. Gluten-free diets are expensive and difficult to maintain - especially because gluten is used extensively in modern food production.

The good news is that Coral Sea Clinical Research Institute, in conjunction with ImmusanT and the University of the Sunshine Coast, are conducting clinical trial research into an experimental vaccine therapy to treat Coeliac Disease. This trial is designed to assess protection against inadvertent exposure to gluten.

Phase I results have shown the vaccine therapy to be safe and tolerable at its highest dose levels. The trials are now up to Phase II, which tests the vaccine therapy at at a dose that is thought to be effective.

These trials are important toward identifying a treatment option beyond the gluten-free diet.

If you have medically diagnosed Coeliac Disease and live in the Mackay region, please consider applying to join the Phase Two trials.


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