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Imagine if you could make a difference to the lives of thousands of people!

CSCRI is a newly established boutique clinical trial research facility in regional Queensland, with a unique business model that is driving the emerging industry of clinical trials in Mackay.

CSCRI was established in Mackay in November 2018 by internationally recognised gastroenterologist Dr James Daveson, to link the much sought after commodity of untapped clinical trial patient cohorts with the lucrative global Bio-Pharmaceutical industry.

With a long history of building an extensive patient profile within the region, including providing services to both public and private patients, along with his extensive experience in clinical trial research, Dr Daveson is in a unique position of being able to implement an innovative business framework to facilitate the rare occurrence of clinical trial activity within a regional setting.

One of the major challenges for Bio-Pharmaceutical companies in the successful execution of clinical trial testing on humans, is patient access. The capacity to recruit and retain patients is impacted by a range of factors from meeting the criteria to be accepted into a study, to the level of commitment required by the patient, to the fear of experiencing adverse effects. Therefore Bio-Pharmaceutical companies are consistently looking for opportunities to expand their access to patients without compromising on the quality of the delivery of the clinical trial protocol. Under the leadership of Dr James Daveson, CSCRI is the unique position of being able to ensure the scientific integrity of clinical trials, as well as provide access to a previously untapped clinical trial patient cohort.

With CSCRI successfully participating in three clinical trial studies to date, Dr Daveson has been able to develop a multidisciplinary team who now have a proven track record in executing the rigorous requirements of clinical trial protocols and successfully recruiting patients. The clinical trial opportunities available to CSCRI is further strengthened by the facts that CSCRI is the only private research specific facility currently delivering clinical trial activities within it’s region, as well as the fact that Dr Daveson delivers gastroenterology services to both the public and private sectors within the region, which further extends CSCRI's access to broader and concentrated patient cohorts.

Achievements within CSCRI to date have include successfully participating in three clinical trial studies, including -

  • Recruiting the first participant in Australia for one of the trials and being tied with one other institution as the lead recruitment site in Australia;

  • Dr Daveson being the lead recruiter globally for one of the other trials;

  • Exceeding recruitment targets in trials it has participated in.

CSCRI is excited about its pipeline of trials it intends bringing to the region, and helping many patients who have not had access to trials in the past.


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